Will Moonvenber Follow Uptober?


  • Our market view:
    • Short-term: Positive
    • Long-term: Positive
  • Historically November or »Moonvenber«, has been the best performing month for BTC.

Market overview

With a highly positive October now behind us, which yielded a 40% gain for Bitcoin and 31.78% gain for the overall crypto market, all eyes in the cryptocurrency community are now on November.
Appreciation is always followed by increased volatility in the market, which is not an ideal environment for active investors. As is shown on the graph, in October the market recorded a +31.78% gain.
The Solidum Crypto strategies succumbed to the increased volatility in the previous month. Solidum Cautus Crypto Hedge Strategy ended the month with 10.31% return and Solidum Actio Crypto Growth Strategy with 2.74% loss.

Crypto market performance (2021-10)

We started the month predominantly (95.1%) hedged in stablecoins and 4.9% allocated among large-cap altcoins. As the market started to appreciate, we gradually increased our exposure, and we ended the month fully invested in the crypto market.
Given the recent price development, our quant models have also switched from a Neutral to a Positive signal.

November or »moonvenber« has been historically the best performing month for Bitcoin, with only two negative years so far, 2018 (-36.54%) and 2019 (-17.55%). While we anticipate positive price appreciation in the coming weeks, a short consolidation period at this stage would be beneficial for the crypto market, as it would lower the leverage rate and provide more stable grounds for further growth.

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