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Solidum Prime

The world’s first equal weight DAA (Digital Asset Array)



Investment in 20 to 30 carefully selected cryptocurrencies, available on the ICONOMI platform.


This investment strategy assigns each cryptocurrency in the portfolio an equal share.


Provides stability and more exposure to smaller assets with a higher growth potential.


Proven outperformance in comparison with market cap-weighted DAAs.

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Our strategy

We apply several successfully tested investment strategies from the traditional economy which also proved advantageous in the crypto world.

A three-step investment process

Project evaluation

The project must have a distinct solution to the existing problem and should create real value. It should have a very strong competitive advantage and needs to be easily scalable.

Team evaluation

A great project without a strong team has no perspective. The team must have the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to operate and expand the business.


Continuous supervision of the project’s goals realization. Tracking of engagement with the community. Close monitoring of human resources fluctuations.

An equal weight investment strategy

This strategy offers investors better diversification and a more balanced allocation. It provides more exposure to smaller assets with a higher growth potential. The outperformance of equal weight investment strategy has been historically confirmed in all major global stock markets. Our analysis has proven even better results for the crypto market.

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About us

Solidum Capital is a team of experienced professionals from the traditional fund management industry, private equity, strategic consulting, and information technology. We firmly believe in the long-term potential of blockchain as a technology and as an investment opportunity.

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Gregor Zupanc

Co-founder and CEO

Gregor manages Solidum Capital and leads its Investment Committee. He is an entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in the financial industry. He co-founded an alternative fund management company and is a regular advisor to institutional investors. While out of the office, Gregor likes to spend quality time with his family. He is also a passionate climber and Zen practitioner.

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Uros Zupanc

Co-founder and Sales manager

Uros leads all sales activities of Solidum Capital and is a member of its Investment Committee. He is a seasoned financial professional with extensive experience in developing and implementing effective sales strategies, as well as organizing and leading various sales teams. In his free time, he enjoys traveling to different parts of the globe.

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Gorazd Marinic

External advisor

Gorazd is a multidisciplinary technology expert and a deep thinker with strong managerial skills. He holds a Master’s degree from Maastricht University in Information and network economics. He has worked with Gregor on several previous ventures and has proved to be an indispensable companion.

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Timotej Bodlaj


Timotej is a member of Solidum Capital Investment Committee. As a true financial and crypto enthusiast, he spends most of his days studying blockchain related topics. He holds a Master’s degree from Rome Business School and is also a CFA candidate. In his free time, he likes to do outdoor sports, such as running and biking.

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Uros Crnkovic

Head of Customer Support

Uros leads all client communication at Solidum Capital. He used to work in technical support and led a customer care department in a large telecom company. This made him a tech geek and at the same time a passionate communicator, able to interpret complex knowledge into user-friendly concepts. He is also a world traveler and a student of ancient wisdom traditions.

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Andreja Pestotnik

Head of Back Office

Andreja manages the administration of Solidum Capital. She is a diligent and efficient back office professional with experience in the traditional fund management industry and academic research.

Vision and mission

Solidum Capital aims to become a world-leading digital asset management company for the crypto community. We will always strive to develop innovative investment products and services.

We are providing our investors with a solid and transparent way to invest in the distributed economy. We build world-class crypto portfolios for our clients, providing simple access to the most perspective global crypto investments.