Overview of all Solidum Crypto Funds fees:

  • There is no entry fee for Solidum Crypto Funds, meaning that the amount paid into our Crypto Funds is invested in total.

  • The exit fee is 0.5% and is deducted from the amount of your withdrawal from our Crypto Funds. This means that the amount you receive to your account is reduced by 0.5%.

  • The management fee is 2% per year.

  • The performance fee is 20.00% of all realized gains.

How is the Solidum Crypto Funds management fee calculated?

The annual management fee for Solidum Crypto Funds is 2%. It is calculated on a daily basis, meaning 1/365 of 2% = 0.00548% per day.

The management fee is already included in the Solidum Crypto Funds unit value as displayed live on ICONOMI. Read more about it in this article by ICONOMI.

How is the performance fee calculated?

It is calculated with the high watermark provision, meaning that the performance fee is deducted only after you surpass your last highest gain. Read more about it in this article by ICONOMI.

More about other transaction fees and times

Individual portfolio management

Individual portfolio management

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