We highly recommend you to enable the two-factor authentication system which will significantly increase the security of your account and transactions. After enabling this service, you will always be asked to confirm your login and transactions with an additional security code from your mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

  1. In your Bitstamp account, choose Account in the upper menu, then Security in the left menu, and then Two-factor Authentication below. Click ENABLE TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.

    • Bitstamp supports two mobile applications for two-factor authentication: Google Authenticator and DUO (you can click the instructions links to access each manufacturer’s user manuals). Our instructions will refer to Google Authenticator. You can download the Google Authenticator app to your mobile device from either Google Play Store (for Android users) or Apple’s App Store (for iPhone in iPad users). Please, install the app on your device.

    • Bitstamp has also prepared their own instructions which you can read by clicking DOWNLOAD PDF GUIDE. Our instructions are below.

  2. In the next step, you will see this form:
    16c_2FA_key [ENG]

    • The “QR CODE” is the square barcode which you will later scan with your mobile device.

    • The AUTHENTICATION KEY is a unique key which you will need in case you lose your mobile device (or its data). Write down this key on a piece of paper or print it and save it carefully (do not keep this key on your computer where it can be exposed to hacks via the internet).

    • You can also print the QR code by clicking PRINT IT HERE.

  3. Now open the Google Authenticator app which you have previously installed on your mobile device. Then click the plus button below:
    16d Authenticator - Plus
    Choose the Scan a barcode option:

  4. Point the camera of your device to your computer screen and place the QR code within the red frame:

  5. Google Authenticator will immediately read the code, add the Bitstamp entry and start generating the authentication codes (the blue 6-digit number). A new code is being generated every 30 seconds and it has to be used within this time (its validity is being counted down by the small blue clock on the right). If the time for the current code seems to be running out, wait for the next code.

  6. Return to the form. Your Authentication Key is already automatically filled in. And under Insert Your 6-digit Authentication Code, you will now enter a valid authentication code from the Google Authenticator app:
    While the code on your mobile device is still valid, click ENABLE TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.

  7. Bitstamp requires another security step where you have to check the box to show that “I’m not a robot”:

  8. Your internet browser may ask you to “resend the information.” In this case, just click Resend (or similar, depending on the browser):

  9. The two-factor authentication is now successfully Enabled on your account.
    If you ever wish to disable it, you can do this in the same menu (by entering a fresh authentication code and clicking DISABLE TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION).
    16j 2FA Enabled

From now on, after the usual login into your Bitstamp account (with your Client ID and your password), you will always be asked also to enter a valid verification code from your Google Authenticator:


You may now continue to the following step: (4) Depositing funds on your Bitstamp account.

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