After having successfully opened your Bitstamp account, it is now mandatory to carry out the security verification of your personal information.

If you have logged into Bitstamp right after the previous steps of changing your password, you will be welcomed to your account with a confirmation: You have successfully changed your password. Followed by: To verify your account please click here. Click HERE to enter the verification options.


However, if you’re on a different page of your account, you can access the verification options by simply clicking Account in the upper menu, then Verify Account in the left menu, and then Identity Verification below.

Either way, you will end up in this window:

11_Personal_Account_Verification [ENG

Following are the instructions for Personal Account Verification. Click on the appropriate button to continue.

WARNING: To verify your personal account successfully, you will need to provide a scan/photo of your identification document and of your proof of residence. We recommend you to prepare these images (scans or photos) of your documents in advance and save them on your computer. You can check all the details on the kinds of acceptable documents and the image quality requirements below (point 2).

Identity Verification (for personal account)

  1. Firstly, fill in this form with required PERSONAL INFORMATION exactly as it appears on your identity document which you intend to present later:

  2. In the next part of the form, you will have to upload the scans (or photos) of two documents: your ID DOCUMENT and your PROOF OF RESIDENCE. Please, make sure to read the instructions on the form thoroughly and meet all their requirements to avoid delays in the verification process.


      • You are required to scan (or take a quality photograph of) your valid ID’s front side and back side, and upload two separate image files by clicking on respective Choose File buttons.

      • Then fill in the form with details of the chosen ID document.


      • Click Choose File to upload the image of your valid proof of residence.

  3. After having filled in all the required fields and uploaded all the attachments, click SUBMIT VERIFICATION REQUEST at the bottom of the form.

  4. As soon as your verification request has been processed by Bitstamp, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail:

Your Bitstamp account (menu Account > Verify Account > Identity Verification) will now show an updated verification status: VERIFIED:

14 Account verified

Phone number verification

After having successfully verified your identity, you can now also verify your phone number for extra security.

  1. Again, in your Bitstamp account, choose Account in the upper menu, then Verify Account in the left menu, and then Phone Number Verification below:​​​​​​​

    • Please, read all the instructions in the form.

    • Make sure to enter your Phone Number without the leading 0.

    • Click SUBMIT.

  2. Check your mobile phone: you will receive an authentication code by SMS:
    15b SMS Code

  3. Enter this Code in the form within 5 minutes since its delivery. Then click VERIFY.

  4. After having successfully verified your phone number, you will see this status:

You may now continue to the following step: (3) Enabling the two-factor authentication on Bitstamp.

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