To operate with cryptocurrencies, you will first need to create your own account on the online exchange Bitstamp. There are several different online exchanges through which you can carry out the task at hand, but Solidum Capital recommends Bitstamp which is a well-established service in compliance with the highest legal and safety standards in the crypto world. We also use Bitstamp ourselves. Therefore, all the following instructions refer to using Bitstamp.

It all begins with registering your own account at Bitstamp:

  1. In your internet browser, visit

  2. Click Create Account:

  3. In the form Open your free account, fill in the required information: your First Name, your Last Name, and your E-Mail. Under Country, choose your country from the drop-down list. Check I agree to Bitstamp’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy – you can read both documents by clicking on the respective links. At the end, click REGISTER.

  4. You have now completed your registration.
    03 Registration Complete

  5. Check your e-mail to find a welcome letter from Bitstamp, containing the information for your first login: Client ID(your customer identification number) and your initial Password.

  6. Now you’re all set for your first login into your Bitstamp account. Return to your internet browser and revisit (we recommend you to add this address to your bookmarks/favorites). In the top-right corner, click Log In:

  7. In the Member Login form, type in your User ID (Client ID) and the Password which you have received in the e-mail (you may also copy and paste these data from the e-mail). Click Log in.

  8. This is how your Bitstamp account will look like. Initially, you will be placed in the Settings menu > Change Password, as you are prompted to change the password received through the e-mail into a new password of your choice. This is an important security step.

    • Under Current Password, retype (or copy and paste) the initial password from Bitstamp’s email.

    • Then fill in a New Password of your choice and Repeat New Password in the following field.

    • WARNING: Your password must contain a minimum of one lower case character (abc…), one upper case character (ABC…), and one number. Should your password not comply with this rule, the following error will show up:
      07b Password instructions


  9. You will receive a security confirmation about the password change via e-mail:

  10. After having set up your password, your internet browser may offer you to save this password for future use.
    (This prompt may look different in different browsers. Here is an example for Google Chrome.)
    The decision is yours:

    • If you’re accessing Bitstamp from your personal computer which is also protected with your personal password and where your programs are not used by other users, then you may Save the password (this is safe to do especially if you decide to enable the two-factor authentication in step (3) of this guide).

    • Whereas, if you’re using a public computer or a computer which is also used by other users, then we recommend you to Never save your passwords.

  11. Now, the Member Login form will open again. Under the User ID, you will always fill in your Client ID which was assigned to you in Bitstamp’s welcome e-mail. Under Password, you will now type your new password. Then click Log in.

In this way, you will always log in to your Bitstamp account from now on.

You may now continue to the following step: (2) Verifying your Bitstamp account.

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