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How to Invest in Solidum Capital Portfolios?2020-02-11T14:37:51+01:00

1) Our Crypto Strategies on ICONOMI

Solidum Crypto Strategies on ICONOMI are suitable for all types of investors, especially those new to the investments or the crypto world. Solidum Actio & Cautus Crypto Strategies are managed and available on the ICONOMI platform.

Learn more about Solidum Actio & Cautus Crypto Strategies

2) Individual portfolio management

Suited for high-net investors who are after a more custom solution. We handle every investor individually. Simply contact Tilen Skrubej, our Head of Investor Relations, and schedule a call or a meeting:

Tilen Skrubej   Email Tilen

  Contact Tilen on Telegram

Learn more about individual portfolio management

Learn more about the Solidum Capital team

Tell me all about your Crypto Strategies, your conditions and strategy, and about your company.2020-03-13T12:18:26+01:00

In a nutshell:

  • Our website: solidum.capital
  • Our products: Solidum Crypto Strategies (managed on the ICONOMI platform)
  • Established: 1 August 2017
  • Number of holdings: 20–30
  • Reporting: monthly
  • Calculation currency: USD
  • Entry fee: 0.00%
  • Exit fee: 0.50%
  • Management fee: 2.00% annually
  • Performance fee: 20.00% (with high watermark provision)
  • Minimum buy/sell of Solidum Crypto Strategies units: 10 USD
  • Maximum buy/sell of Solidum Crypto Strategies units: 10,000 USD daily

In detail:

Please, visit the Solidum Crypto Strategies page to learn more about the products, our investment strategy, and the rigorous investment process that we follow in our asset management. Of course, you’re also welcome to meet our team!

Should you need further support, you’re always welcome to contact us.

What are min/max buy & sell limits for Solidum Crypto Strategies?2019-12-06T09:29:09+01:00
  • The minimum amount for buying or selling the Solidum Crypto Strategies units on the ICONOMI platform (per transaction) is 10.00 USD.
  • The maximum daily amount for buying or selling the Solidum Crypto Strategies units on the ICONOMI platform (per 24 hours) is 10,000.00 USD. Larger purchases can be arranged by a preliminary agreement – please, contact us.

Read more about it in this article by ICONOMI: Account buy/sell limits & fees.

Note: Our answer here describes the limits for buying or selling the units of the Crypto Strategy within your ICONOMI account. Whereas, depositing funds to or withdrawing them from your account are subject to different limits, according to the level of verification (“tier”) of your ICONOMI account.

What are Solidum Crypto Strategies fees and how are they calculated?2019-12-06T09:26:09+01:00

Overview of all Solidum Crypto Strategies fees:

  • There is no entry fee for Solidum Crypto Strategies, meaning that the amount paid into our Crypto Strategies is invested in total.
  • The exit fee is 0.5% and is deducted from the amount of your withdrawal from our Crypto Strategies. This means that the amount you receive to your account is reduced by 0.5%.
  • The management fee is 2% per year.
  • The performance fee is 20.00% of all realized gains.

How is the Solidum Crypto Strategies management fee calculated?

The annual management fee for Solidum Crypto Strategies is 2%. It is calculated on a daily basis, meaning 1/365 of 2% = 0.00548% per day.

The management fee is already included in the Solidum Crypto Strategies unit value as displayed live on ICONOMI. Read more about it in this article by ICONOMI.

How is the performance fee calculated?

It is calculated with the high watermark provision, meaning that the performance fee is deducted only after you surpass your last highest gain. Read more about it in this article by ICONOMI.

How do I sell my Solidum Crypto Strategies units? How long does it take?2020-03-13T12:20:54+01:00

The process of selling the Solidum Crypto Strategies units is practically instantaneous.

Withdrawals are also subject to time limitations:

  • the daily limit for selling the Solidum Crypto Strategies units, and
  • the daily and monthly limits for withdrawals from your ICONOMI account.
Which cryptocurrencies can I use to buy Solidum Crypto Strategies units?2019-12-06T09:41:27+01:00

On the ICONOMI platform, it is possible to buy the units of a Crypto Strategy with Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). However, we recommend using ETH, since the Bitcoin transactions are significantly pricier and slower. Since December 2018, users from certain European countries are eligible to buy the Solidum Crypto Strategies units directly with EUR. Read more in this article from ICONOMI.

Are there any taxes?2019-12-06T09:43:11+01:00

In most countries, taxation of the investments in cryptocurrencies is not sufficiently defined yet. Please, contact your tax advisor for accurate information regarding the cryptocurrency tax regulations in your country.

Where are Solidum Crypto Strategies units stored?2019-12-06T09:43:56+01:00

The Solidum Crypto Strategies units are stored securely on the ICONOMI platform, and the majority of the underlying digital assets are permanently stored in multi-sig protected cold wallets.

Where can I see the amount of Solidum Crypto Strategies assets under management and number of investors?2019-12-06T09:44:57+01:00

The total assets under management (AUM) are shown publicly under the appropriate Solidum Crypto Fund on the ICONOMI platform.

The information about the number of investors is currently not displayed publicly. However, we have no reservations to share this information with interested parties. Please, contact us.

Why are some prospective cryptocurrencies not included in the Solidum Crypto Strategies portfolios?2019-12-06T10:12:22+01:00

The selection of assets in the Solidum Crypto Funds is performed by our Investment Committee on a basis of a robust investment process.

Furthermore, our choice is limited to digital assets, supported by the ICONOMI platform.

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