Monthly Crypto Commentary — October 2019
14 Nov 2019

In October, the market ended its negative streak and provided us with a very important lesson.

Top 5 Traditional Industries Implementing Blockchain
29 Jun 2018
Crypto News

Top 5 Traditional Industries Implementing Blockchain

We took a look at different big companies that are already using the blockchain technology or are in the process of implementing it.

Some ICO facts you should know
20 Jun 2018
Knowledge Base

ICO Investing 101 | Part 1: Some ICO Facts You Should Know

In our first episode of the ICO Investing 101 series, we take a look at the size of the ICO market, explain how profitable it would be to invest in different options in the last 150 days and guide you through the most well-known ICO scams.

Bitcoin bear markets
28 Feb 2018
Crypto Investment Insights

Crypto Market and Bitcoin Corrections

We compared the beginning of the bear market in 2018 with 2017 corrections and Bitcoin bear markets since 2012.

Don’t get burned when investing in an ICO
19 Feb 2018
Knowledge Base

Don’t Get Burned When Investing in an ICO!

The lack of legislation in the crypto world inevitably means more room for fraudulent websites, quick money grabs, and sometimes simply bad business opportunities. We point out the most common red flags that will help you differentiate between the good and the bad.

Crypto market correction and recovery periods
03 Feb 2018
Crypto Investment Insights

Crypto Market Correction and Recovery Periods

A closer look at the crypto market correction and recovery periods in 2017 and early 2018.

Keep your cryptocurrency safe and secure
24 Jan 2018
Knowledge Base

Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe and Secure

With the increased popularity of cryptocurrencies around the world, the threats to them are inevitably on the rise. Learn about the 7 crucial steps to keep your digital assets secure.

Crypto Market Dynamics
16 Jan 2018
Crypto Investment Insights

Crypto Market Dynamics

After a great start in the first week of 2018, the crypto market went into a correction phase. It may be shocking for new investors, but it is a normal development in the crypto market.

Greetings from Solidum Capital Customer Support
04 Oct 2017

Greetings from Customer Support

You can get in touch with us in many different ways. And you're most welcome to do so!

Solidum Capital - a digital asset management company for the crypto community
04 Oct 2017

Introducing Solidum Capital

We are the team behind Solidum Capital, and today we are delighted to become an active member of the crypto community. Our mission is to provide you with a solid and transparent way to invest in the digital economy.


Monthly Crypto Commentary — September 2019


Altcoins have eventually outperformed Bitcoin. Can we speak about the start of a new trend?

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