Solidum Prime Monthly Report for September 2019

Key highlights

  • Performance in September 2019: -15.18%

  • Performance in the last three months: -51.32%

  • Performance in the last six months: -44.59%

  • Assets Under Management: $222,638.07

  • Solidum Prime maintained 25 assets in the portfolio in September

Solidum Prime performance overview

Below is a chart comparing the Solidum Prime and the market benchmark performances for September 2019.

Solidum Prime performance Vs. market benchmark performance | September 2019

Solidum Prime slightly underperformed the market in September, with a negative monthly performance of 15.18%, compared to the market performance of -11.10%.

In September, the crypto market marked its third consecutive month of negative returns. The past month started on a positive note as the market gained 14.4% in the first 18 days. This trend then shifted on 24 September when the market started to drastically decline. The crypto market lost 27.6% in the following eight days and ended the month with an overall loss of 11.1%.

Check out our Monthly Crypto Commentary for a greater market overview including the plausible causes for the latest drop.

Altcoins performed better than Bitcoin in September. And, despite the market downturn, some altcoins in the Solidum Prime portfolio succeded in ending September with positive returns, namely Atom (+28.92%) and Ethereum (+4.29%). Chainlink was also among the best portfolio performers in September, with monthly performance of -1.68%.

Portfolio changes

We did not make any changes to the Solidum Prime portfolio in September.

Portfolio rebalancing

Solidum Prime maintained the same rebalancing structure in September. The portfolio was rebalanced on the first Monday of the month.

Important update: As of 1 October 2019, Solidum Prime was changed into Solidum Cautus - our new crypto fund with an advanced investment strategy and a new fee structure. Learn more about Solidum Cautus.

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