After three months of outperformance, many altcoins lost ground in December. The majority of the top 25 altcoins by market cap lost between 10% and 25% of their value. We entered December with 44% of the strategy assets allocated to stablecoins. On 2 December, our models generated a negative signal and our investment committee decided to increase the stablecoins level to 90%.

This proved to be a correct decision, as the market lost 11% in the next 15 days. The market consolidated for the rest of the month, and our models generated a moderately positive signal on 29 December. We decided to decrease the stablecoins level to 50%, and, consequently, increase active investments to 50%.

Solidum Cautus performed relatively better than the crypto market in December, which was the result of active hedging in the portfolio. It recorded a negative monthly performance of -4.71%, compared to the market performance of -10.89%.

Chart 1 (SOCT & Market)

The top three performers in the Solidum Cautus portfolio were Cosmos (7.38%), Tezos (1.50%) and Bitcoin (-4.97%).

You can read more about the December market development in our latest Monthly Crypto Commentary.

Chart 2 (SOCT Best Performers)
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