Performance overview

In October, Solidum Actio performed substantially better than the overall crypto market, recording a monthly performance of +18.42%, compared to the market’s performance of +4.31%.

Chart 1 (SOAC & Market)

In the first 23 days of the month, the crypto market experienced a gradual decline with a loss of -13.3%. Solidum Actio managed to outperform the market during this time, as the portfolio decreased by merely 7.06%. On the 24th, the majority of the crypto market started to rapidly shift to positive numbers, with some cryptocurrencies hitting a 30% gain, on that single day. On the 26th, Solidum Actio marked its largest daily return in October, appreciating by +12.67%. After the rally, the market proceeded to consolidate and ended the month with a positive monthly performance of 4.31%.

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In general, altcoins in the Solidum Actio portfolio performed better than Bitcoin. Altcoins had an average monthly performance of 15.68%, whereas Bitcoin gained 10.92% in October. By the end of the month, Solidum Actio allocated over 75% of the total portfolio to altcoins, which contributed to its monthly performance.

Chart 2 (SOAC Best Performers)

Some holdings in the portfolio recorded a remarkable monthly performance, namely ChainLink (+55.68%), NEO (+39.74%), and Binance Coin (+26.10%).

The Solidum Actio strategy utilizes full exposure to the crypto market at all times, and by holding carefully selected crypto assets in our portfolio, Solidum Actio succeeded in outperforming the market by a large margin in October.

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