Performance overview

Solidum Actio performed substantially better than the overall crypto market in November, recording a monthly performance of -8.93%, compared to the market’s performance of -16.1%.

Chart 1 (SOAC & Market)

Following the October rally, the crypto market consolidated for the first three weeks in November. During the first 17 days of November, Bitcoin depreciated by 7%, whereas Altcoins cumulatively gained over 5%. Moreover, we noted a negative correlation between price movements of Altcoins and Bitcoin during the past month. After the 17th of November, the crypto market experienced a substantial selloff, which lasted until the 25th. The selloff caused the market to decrease by 20%. In the last week of the month, the market managed to recover some of the previous losses, but ended the month with a negative monthly performance of -16.1%.

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As stated above, Altcoins outperformed Bitcoin in November overall, marking their third consecutive month to do so.

Chart 2 (SOAC Best Performers)

Despite the market downturn, some Altcoins in the Solidum Actio portfolio recorded remarkable monthly performance, including Tezos (+49.35%), Cosmos (+22,43%) and Cardano (-2.91%). Both Tezos and Cosmos constitute among the largest allocations in the Solidum Actio portfolio, consisting of 7.8% and 6.8% of the total portfolio, respectively. Their performance, among others, greatly contributed to the monthly performance of Solidum Actio in November.

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