About Us

Crypto asset management company

Solidum Capital is a team of experienced professionals with an extensive background in the financial industry. We build world-class crypto portfolios for our clients.

Aligned with the future

We firmly believe in the long-term potential of blockchain technology and the emerging crypto asset class. This is reflected in our investment approach: we build portfolios with a long-term perspective, undistracted by the market fluctuations.

Our team of professionals brings experience from the traditional asset management industry, private equity, venture capital, and information technology. We have developed substantial expertise in crypto asset allocation and investment selection.

Our mission

Setting professional standards for the new economy

We apply established standards from the traditional financial markets to the crypto economy. We are committed to providing our investors with full transparency.

Supporting the crypto community

We help the young crypto ecosystem to grow by managing the assets for crypto startups, allowing them to focus on project development.

Educating crypto investors

We help investors better understand the crypto market by creating educational content and sharing our investment insights.

Member of:
Blockchain Alliance Europe Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia
First-generation Crypto Fund Expert on:
ICONOMI ‍cryptocurrency platform

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